15th of Shevat

15th of Shevat – Tu Bishvat

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Today is the 8th of Shevat (1-30-2023). It is a custom to brush up on an upcoming holiday about 30 days before it falls. Tu Bishvat (the 15th of Tevet) is now 7 days/1 week away!

Good Chodesh, everyone! Did you know that the start of a new month had extra offerings associated with it as well as a celebration for women? New moons and sabbaths are mentioned together in various passages as being special such as 2 Kings 4:23 and Isaiah 66:22-23

Start of month of Sh’vat on the Hebrew calendar. שְׁבָט (transliterated Sh’vat or Shevat) is the 11th month of the Hebrew year, has 30 days, and corresponds to January or February on the Gregorian calendar. רֹאשׁ חוֹדֶשׁ, transliterated Rosh Chodesh or Rosh Hodesh, is a minor holiday that occurs at the beginning of every month in the Hebrew calendar. It is marked by the birth of a new moon.

Many have the custom to mark Rosh Chodesh with a festive meal and reduced work activity. The latter custom is prevalent amongst women, who have a special affinity with Rosh Chodesh — the month being the feminine aspect of the Jewish Calendar.

From Hebcal, Chabad

I will share as many facts as I can below about Tu Bishvat as it approaches.

Fact 3: The reason the “birthday” or New Year for trees is in the middle of Shevat is because it is the point at which winter begins to wain and as the earth warms with the approach of Spring, the sap is said to be rising and we will soon see fresh green vegetation begin to sprout.

The Bina and Benny series from Art Scroll is a great resource for the family to learn about the festival: Lag Ba’omer And Tu Bishvat With Bina, Benny, And Chaggai Hayonah

There is a great deal for a Bina and Benny collection that offers 10 holidays in ONE book: The Big Book of Jewish Holidays with Bina, Benny & Chaggai HaYonah

Check out this video on Tu Bishvat.

The next special day on the Jewish Calendar is the Fifteenth of Shevat, also know as Tu Bishvat. It falls on Monday February 6, 2023, which means it starts Sunday February 5 2023, evening.

In 2020, my family and I were involved in running a Tu Bishvat seder. It was a new concept for me and my wife. We had been Messianic for over 15 years at that point! It was fun and good and I look forward to doing it again this year. We used a haggadah from FFOZ, you can check that out to learn more as well.

Chabad and My Jewish Learning both have information on the seder.

Chabad has a page with many links to information on 15 Shevat. Learn more about it here.

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