15th of Shevat

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The next special day on the Jewish Calendar is the Fifteenth of Shevat, also know as Tu Bishvat. It falls on January 17, 2021, which means it starts Sunday January 16 2021, evening.

Last year, my family and I were involved in running a Tu Bishvat seder. It was a new concept for me and my wife. We have been Messianic for over 15 years. It was fun and good and I look forward to doing it again this year. We used a haggadah from FFOZ, you can check that out to learn more as well.

Chabad and My Jewish Learning both have information on the seder.

Chabad has a page with many links to information on 15 Shevat. Learn more about it here.

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Go Study Nitzavim 5782

The eighth portion of the book of Devarim/Deuteronomy is Nitzavim, which means “Standing.” This is the fifty-first Torah Portion.


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