One Day Before Disaster

It has been on my heart to reach out to fellow believers to look inward and strengthen their connection to our Heavenly Father. This comes from a place of love and encouragement. We don’t all know each others’ struggles and we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Things feel tenuous and dangerous right now. That being said, I have complete faith that all will be well. I have been working on my relationship with the Almighty and doing all I can to make that a vital part of my family life. To that end, I am keeping daily in scripture and I felt compelled to deepen my connection to the Jewish calendar as well. Today I found an app from Chabad that highlights important dates throughout Jewish history. There is a saying that “coincidence is not a kosher word” and when I read this earlier today I had to share it.

I will be fasting 17 Tammuz this year. It will be a new experience for me. I encourage you to learn about it and weigh the matter.

You can read the entry below:
Today in Jewish History: 16 Tammuz, 5780 – July 08 2020
Golden Calf Made; Hur Killed (1313 BCE)
In the year 2448 from Creation (1313 BCE), Tammuz 16 was the 40th day following the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and the people of Israel wrongly expected Moses’ return from the mountain (he would actually return on the following day). When their leader failed to return, they demanded from Aaron: “Make us a god that shall go before us”. Hur (Moses’ nephew, the son of Miriam and Caleb) tried to stop them and was killed by the mob. Aaron fashioned a calf of molten gold.


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