Scriptural Meditation- Joshua 2:8

Joshua 2:8
The two men had not yet lain down [to sleep] when she returned to the roof

This little verse really says a lot to me. These two spies Joshua sent are so confident, so full of faith and so courageous that as there are men pursuing them they decide to go to sleep while they let an unarmed woman handle the situation. They trusted that armor and swords could not defeat linen and perfume. That may be going a bit far. Taking this little story as it comes, trying to push out of my mind that this is Jericho, forgetting what I know of that city’s fate; these guys were in real trouble. Honestly, what was to stop the soldiers sent to Rahab from searching her inn? Were there really only two of them? Perhaps there were more. As far as I can tell from the English, there is no number indicating how many men had been sent from the king to pursue these spies. The spies certainly had no way of knowing. Their faith was so great that they trusted that the Almighty would protect them to the point that they could settle down to sleep under stalks of flax while armed men, eager to kill or capture them, were only steps away.

I find that impressive. Joshua 1:9 says to be bold and courageous and this one little verse beautifully illustrates what that can look like.

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