Scriptural Meditation- Matthew 2:14

Matthew 2:14 “So he got up, took the child and his mother, and left during the night for Egypt”

This verse brings to mind the story of the man who died in a flood because he was waiting for G-d to save him. When the man died and came into the presence of G-d he asked to know why he had to die when so many of his neighbors had lived. G-d answered the man that he had sent him a boat, a caravan and before that a messenger warning him to get to higher ground. The man failed to act because he was waiting on G-d in the wrong way. Joseph takes action here. He has to take action or Yeshua will be murdered. Thankfully I don’t find my life in peril on a regular basis, but the point still stands: if I want something to happen, or I want to avoid something, I need to take concrete steps now. I can’t expect G-d to magically change my reality because I love Him. We exist in a world of flesh and blood and G-d expects us to not lose sight of that even as we strive to reach the greatest spiritual heights.

Published by MJ Muñoz

Husband. Father. Believer. Writer. Publishing weekly toku analysis while working on a series of children's books inspired by tokusatsu.

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