Scriptural Meditation- Joshua 6:10

Y’hoshua gave this order to the people: “Don’t shout, don’t let your voice be heard, don’t let a single word out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout; then you will shout.”

-Joshua 6:10

It has been said before: there is a season to everything. Sometimes we just need to wait to act until the time is right, then things will go well for us. I was thinking about this earlier and it occurred to me that waiting is difficult. Joshua commanded his men to stay silent at a time when they were likely ecstatic at the coming conquest of their ancestral homelands. How difficult was it to wait under such circumstances? Waiting and holding back require self control. What kind of mind set is required to maintain silence without breaking it when all you want to do is shout and cry outin victory? What benefit is there to holding such a silence? Perhaps part of the exercise was to cultivate an inner power or strength. Maybe it’s time to set aside a time for silence and find out for myself.

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