Scriptural Meditation- Joshua 8:35

There was not a word of everything Moshe had ordered that Y’hoshua did not read before all Isra’el assembled, including the women, the little ones and the foreigners living with them.
-Joshua 8:35 

The Torah is so fundamental, that its knowledge should be the basis for our lives, families and communities. It was for ancient Israel. Thing about how profound this verse is. The foreigners, the children and the women were all to be included with the men in hearing the Torah read at Gerizim and Ebal. In the ancient world, foreigners were to be regarded with suspicion, in fact Israel was reclaiming land occupied by foreigners and slaughtering them at G-d’s instruction. The lines were very clearly us and them, native and foreign. Women were treated as less than or at least easy targets. Remember how Jethro’s daughters were treated by the shepherd men they had to work around? Recall how Laban treated his own daughters, it was as if they were interchangeable regarding the marriage to Jacob. Miriam was even stricken with biblical leprosy for speaking with Aharon against their brother Moshe. Aharon was left unscathed. Today children are shuffled off to kids classes or aren’t even with families while they attend religious events. School, sports and popularity are ranked above knowledge of G-d. Kids can name dozens of dinosaurs and a handful of Biblical Heroes. That’s not how G-d wanted it. He wants all believers to know and live out His Word no matter our age, sex or station in life. Let us listen and surround ourselves with his Word always.

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