Scriptural Meditation- Matthew 9:29

Then he touched their eyes and said, “Let it happen to you according to your trust”
-Matthew 9:29

G-d can do anything to anyone at anytime. He is sovereign. He decrees who should be in what state and for how long. So why does Yeshua say this to the blind men? If they want to have sight, why can’t he just give it to them? Why must they have faith before they can receive the blessing of healing? It would be natural to think that if he were to heal them, it would provoke trust, faith and obedience. If they had no faith he would not have healed them, is that the case? If that is so, why not? Why not provoke the faith? What would an untrusting person healed in a life altering way mean? Would they spurn the gift of life and become great sinners, given a greater capacity to act? Or is the lesson closer to something like those who trust are ready to receive such a gift? They could have been healed at any time, but the trust and faith they maintained opened them up to receive the blessing.

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