Scriptural Meditation- Matthew 13:58

And he did few miracles there because of their lack of trust.

I think trust opens us up to possibilities, it opens us up to realities. If you never try, you can never fail but you can also never succeed. I’m not saying G-d can fail, that’s not the point. If we live lives ruled by fear, faithless lives, wherein we do not trust the G-d has our best interest in mind, we dramatically reduce our ability to see blessings and be thankful for them. This posture of fear and faithlessness can lead to a life full of suffering and sorrow, but even if it doesn’t, you can be poor in gratitude. Failing to appreciate the good we have is actually a form of choosing to see everything in a negative light. It actually neutralizes good when it happens.

On the other hand, if we trust that G-d wants the best for us and we look for the silver lining in every less-than-ideal situation, we prime ourselves to see every good as a gift from Heaven. Trusting that G-d loves and cares for you, opens you up to see the myriad blessings and miracles He has created specifically for you. Recognizing that and giving thanks will only deepen your love and connection so that when disaster strikes, you will be deeply rooted in Him and you will not be shaken.

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