Scriptural Meditation- Joshua 14:13

Y’hoshua blessed him and gave Hevron to Kalev the son of Y’funeh as his inheritance.

Kalev was given a special blessing of inheritance within Israel because he held fast to his faith in the face of slander from important men in Israel. The 12 spies were all leaders and great men, numbering 10, the spies who brought an evil report not only represented a quorum, but beyond that a super-majority. Kalev took action and refuted their claims against the Land and against the Almighty. All 12 men had witnessed the miracles that brought them out of Egypt and to the threshold of Israel and yet only Kalev and Y’hoshua kept trusting. For this, they alone lived of that generation that fell under a curse for rejecting the Promised Land. It would have been easy for them to go along with their brethren, but they took the harder path and were ultimately rewarded for it. This is a good lesson for us all to remember. May we all be strong and be bold like like Kalev and Y’hoshua!

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