Scriptural Meditation- Matthew 14:30

But when he saw the wind, he became afraid; and as he began to sink, he yelled, “Lord! Save me!”

I find it interesting that as my family and I decided to embark on this journey of traversing the entire Bible in two years, parallels keep presenting themselves as we go through Joshua and Matthew in tandem. I find it even more interesting that this initiative has it’s roots in me deciding to recite Proverbs and Psalms everyday starting last year. A lot of coincidences keep popping up. I could point out parallels between Kefa (Peter) being able to accomplish what should be impossible because of his faith. I think it is more important to emphasis the theme of holding onto faith in a seemingly impossible situation as illustrated her and in Joshua 14. Kefa fails and falls and is chided for his lacking faith and I think that contrast brings the lesson into even sharper relief.

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