Scriptural Meditation- Joshua 15:19

She said to him: “Give me a blessing: since you gave me land in the Negev, also give me sources of water.” So Kalev gave her the Upper Springs and the Lower Springs.

The idea that a father would give his daughter to any man who had enough martial strength may ring barbaric to our modern ears, but it is always important to put matters in their proper context. Kalev was a very righteous man. He believed so strongly in G-d’s promises that he stood against 10 great men who slandered the Land of Israel. Such a man of faith would trust that a good and righteous man would emerge victorious against the inhabitants of the Land. Afterall, he said that G-d would make these people bread for Israel. I think all fathers wish for their daughters to be with men better than them. In a way, did Kalev leave it up to G-d to pick a husband for this daughter, trusting that the best man would rise to the occasion?

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