Scriptural Meditation- Judges 3:7

Thus the people of Isra’el did what was evil from The LORD’s perspective, forgot The LORD their G-d, and served the ba‘alim and asherim.

A major reason Israel fell away is that they refused to keep themselves set apart. They inter-mixed with the idolatrous peoples of the land. They had inter-faith marriages and the idols won. They diluted themselves and broke the chain of their legacy. The result was that their children and grandchildren suffered until they cried out to the Almighty and He showed them mercy. Let us learn from their example and live set apart lives, dedicated to our Heavenly Father, even if it brings tension between us and others. There are promises tied to living holy lives, but no one ever said it would be easy.

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Husband. Father. Believer. Writing a children's books series inspired by tokusatsu. Weekly Toku Analysis -

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