Scriptural Meditation- Judges 5:23

“‘Curse Meroz!’ said the angel of The LORD , ‘Curse the people living there with a bitter punishment for not coming to help The LORD, to help The LORD against the mighty warriors.’

This idea started in the previous chapter when Barak hesitated to go attack Sisra with D’vorah. He was told that a woman would be honored in his place because of his lack of confidence. The job needed to get done and Barak was called upon to do it, but when he faltered the Almighty chose someone else to work through. What help does the Almighty need from humans? How can we effect his purposes? We can sure get in His way. This could spin into a great long discourse about free will and Divine Sovereignty, but to me it boils down to this: I want to align myself with the Most High and if that means I will be called to serve as a vessel to do his will in a significant way, I hope I have the resolve to answer that call without delay. Heaven’s will be done, so why not be the one to do it?

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