Scriptural Meditation- Judges 9:33

In the morning, get up early, as soon as the sun rises; and attack the city. Then, when Ga‘al and the men with him come out to fight you, do whatever you can to them.”

The account of Judges 9 is not a happy one. There aren’t many righteous characters who one can root for. The end of the chapter sums it up neatly when it says that this all happened so that the death of the 70 sons of Gid’on would be avenged. Avimelekh and the people of Sh’khem were a party to the murderous plot and so both suffered and dies. One could take comfort in the justice wrought. That’s fair. Bad men sometimes do good things and it is important to pay attention to what all people do to gain understanding and wisdom. To that end, I say learn from Z’vul: rise early and crush your problems before they have a chance to crush you. Abraham is noted as rising early to take Issac up to Mount Moriah. There is a virtue in rising early to accomplish important tasks.

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