Scriptural Meditation- Mark 5:36

Ignoring what they had said, Yeshua told the synagogue official, “Don’t be afraid, just keep trusting.”

When all hope is lost, it is easy, it is natural to give up. There is a fine line between hoping and planning and letting things go when they fail. I can’t really say where that line is for you and I have a hard time deciding where it is for myself. This account makes me doubt my doubt. Maybe I need to embody this determination Yeshua showed. The father is silent, but he follows Messiah and is rewarded by being reunited with his little girl. What kind of faith did he possess in those moments? What was going through his mind? Did he laugh inwardly like Sarah hearing she would bare a son? Did he think it was a cruel joke or did he hold on to hope knowing all the good Messiah had done for others? We’ll never know, but it is something to ponder. Is it really so bad to have blind faith? Is it bad to be a fool for the sake of Heaven? Maybe it is exactly what we need from time to time.

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Husband. Father. Believer. Writing a children's books series inspired by tokusatsu. Weekly Toku Analysis -

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