Scriptural Meditation- Judges 15:11

Then 3,000 men from Y’hudah went down to the cave at the Eitam Rock and said to Shimshon, “Don’t you know that the P’lishtim are our rulers? What are you doing to us?” He answered, “I’ve only treated them the way they treated me.”

The Almighty brought Shimshon (Samson whose name means “Man of the sun” or “Powerful as the sun”) into the world specifically to be a Judge over Israel and rescue them from the oppression of the (P’lishtim) Philistines. The men of Y’hudah were displeased by the focus and pressure that Shimshon’s righteous rebellion brought on them. Sometimes doing the right thing takes courage. Sometimes doing the right thing and making a stand against oppression makes you look less like a hero and more like a reckless fool.

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