Scriptural Meditation- Luke 2:25

There was in Yerushalayim a man named Shim‘on. This man was a tzaddik, he was devout, he waited eagerly for God to comfort Isra’el, and the Ruach HaKodesh was upon him.

I have always thought the notion that people are irredeemably evil to be baseless. Cain is told he can master sin, as opposed to letting it master him. David is spoken of as righteous, even after getting Uriah killed. Levi abandons his wicked ways as a tax collector and becomes the Disciple Matthew. Shimon, Elisheva and Z’kharyah are all described as righteous in the first two chapters of Luke. That is impressive. What made them so righteous? They all had fear and love for The LORD and obeyed His commandments because of that. Love is shown through obedience and placing Heaven’s Will above human will. Dedicating yourself to godliness opens you up to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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