Scriptural Meditation- 1 Samuel 9:19

Sh’mu’el answered Sha’ul, “I’m the seer. Go up ahead of me to the high place, because you are going to dine with me today. In the morning, I will let you leave; and I will tell you everything that is on your heart.

What was on Sha’ul’s heart? I am fighting the urge to jump ahead, to recall what I know of his life and his story, but I want to slow down and take him as he is presented to us here. What can I learn from him, if I let the story speak for itself and listen to what it says about him? Sha’ul is an exceptional young man. He is taller and more attractive than everyone he meets. He stands out, and yet he doubts Sh’mu’el when he tells him he is being chosen to rule Israel. Sha’ul protests that he is from the least important clan of the smallest tribe of Israel, so how can he be singled out for this great purpose and honor? Sha’ul’s humility is laudable. Could there be another side to it? Did Sha’ul yearn for greatness? Knowing he was outstanding, did he lament his low station in Israel? Did he know that a king should only come from Y’hudah? Did he aspire to more than a simple farming life, but know he could never rise beyond that? Perhaps he knew his place and had accepted it, even though he could be more. Perhaps he simply sought to serve the Almighty to his fullest where he found himself. I do find it interesting that Sh’mu’el knew there was something on Sha’ul’s heart and that he had to or chose to reveal it to him. What did they speak of on the roof? Did Sha’ul know what was on his own heart? Had he put those desires and thoughts into words or had they been dormant there waiting to be awakened? The LORD knows what’s on our hearts, more than even we do. May He reveal to us our hearts and strengthen on us to follow the path they set for us, in faith and holiness.

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