Scriptural Meditation- 2 Samuel 11:2

Once, after his afternoon nap, David got up from his bed and went strolling on the roof of the king’s palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing, who was very beautiful.

At this point David is dwelling securely in Israel. He is the recognized king. He has had a lot of military success. He has multiple wives all of whom have given him children, with the exception of Michal. While his men are off at war he is free to nap and stroll and be at leisure. In that leisure he encounters Bat-Sheva’s beauty, he lusts after her and cares not that she is married. He takes her, she becomes pregnant and when he fails to have her husband Uriyah lay with her so that the pregnancy can appear legitimate, David has Uriyah killed and takes Bat-Sheva as his wife. It all started with a nap and a stroll, with David no longer leading Israel’s armies as he did from the front lines before. He lost his way and turned his view inward, focusing on making things right for himself, no matter how it hurt others. We must be on guard at all times to stay far from sinning. It starts with a single thought or feeling and grows until it overtakes us, but we know that we can master it.

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