Scriptural Meditation- John 20:21

“Shalom aleikhem!” Yeshua repeated. “Just as the Father sent me, I myself am also sending you.”

If Messiah sent his disciples out as his apostles to continue his work and he came only to do the work of the Father, then how can the work of the apostles overturn the work of the Father? This is less a point for me to ponder and more of a question for my fellow believers who find themselves in a more established sect of those who follow Messiah. It affirms to me the understanding I have come to from studying all of scripture and I think it is a great starting point for discussion with those who don’t quite see things as I do. A disciple or talmid is someone who imitates their master. Messiah had many disciples, but he also selected 12 disciples to stand apart from the rest. An apostle or shaliach is one who does the work of another on their behalf. It convey a meaning of one sent out for a purpose. Abraham sent out an apostle referred to as eved Avraham, the servant of Avraham to find a wife for his son Isaac. That servant goes unnamed in the Genesis/Beresheet chapter 24, but is understood to be Elizer of Damascus who, up until the birth of Isaac, was Abraham’s apparent heir. Eved Avraham sought only to do the will of his master and dedicated himself to it. An apostle has the authority of his master to make deals and arrangements as we see him do with Rebekah and her family. Similarly, in this passage, Messiah tells his disciples that they will be sent out by him with his authority and power to do his will, the Father’s will. A muddled history from that point brings us to where we are today. There are Jews and Gentiles divided by Messiah, not united as they should be. Jews tells Gentiles Jesus is an idol who tried to destroy the Torah and therefore he can not be Messiah. Gentile Christians tell Jews that Jesus is not only G-d, but one of 3 G-ds who did away with the Torah by his death and resurrection. They tells Jews to stop keeping Torah and blame them for his death, which was part of G-d’s plan. Does that sound like an olive branch? Does that sound like it describes Messiah’s disciples and apostles?

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