Scriptural Meditation- 2 Samuel 13:39

But as King David became reconciled to the death of his son Amnon, he was increasingly filled with longing to see Avshalom.

You thought you had family drama! Family is so weird. For the most part we don’t get to choose our relations, but we do get to choose how we relate to them. I can’t imagine a child killing another child and just being ok with it. That isn’t a judgment against David. Even reading this passage now, I understand why Avshalom killed Amnon. It feels justified. Amnon’s actions before and after were appalling. Tamar even tried to give him a way out, but I don’t think I can speak about that here and now. Did David forgive Avshalom because of what Amnon did or because he is his son. Avshalom behaved a bit like Shimon and Levi after Dinah had been violated in Sh’chem and that incident is not clearly condemned. Shimon and Levi remain full members of the family. How much should we forgive family members? How do we deal with the disappointment and sadness of what our children have done? The heart of a father can bear much sorrow and still long to love the errant child.

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