Scriptural Meditation- 1 Kings 12:27

For if these people continue going up to offer sacrifices in the house of HaShem in Yerushalayim, their hearts will turn back to their Lord, Rechav‘am king of Y’hudah. Then they will kill me and return to Rechav‘am king of Y’hudah.”

Yarov’am was worried that Israel would turn away from his leadership if they continued to worship HaShem in Yerushalayim. Coming close to the presence of the Father would effect a change in them, a change that would cost him, so he set up counterfeit altars and priests to distract them and pull them away from the truth. Serving fake gods with the help of fake priests dulled their hearts to the truth. We need to examine ourselves and see that we worship the Father in truth and rid ourselves of any falsehood holding us back fron truly drawing close to Him.

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Husband. Father. Believer. Writing a children's books series inspired by tokusatsu. Weekly Toku Analysis -

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