Scriptural Meditation- 1 Corinthians 4:5

So don’t pronounce judgment prematurely, before the Lord comes; for he will bring to light what is now hidden in darkness; he will expose the motives of people’s hearts; and then each will receive from G-d whatever praise he deserves.

Earlier in this Sha’ul says that he cares not how others judge or assess him and that he doesn’t even examine himself in that way. That leads into this verse. That is a delicate message. We should always strive for improvement, for perfection. As Sha’ul says later in this chapter, he wants others to imitate him and he says he imitates Messiah, who is perfect. Perfection is the goal we are striving for. Believers must strive for perfect love and perfect goodness without letting our imperfections get in the way or make us stumble.

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