Scriptural Meditation- 2 Kings 18:6-7

For he clung to HaShem and did not leave off following him, but obeyed his mitzvot, which HaShem had given Moshe. So HaShem was with him. Wherever he went out to battle, he did well. He rebelled against the king of Ashur and refused to be his vassal.

I might want this to be on my gravestone. What greater thing can be said of a person than that they clung to the Master of the Universe. Surely Hizkiyahu (Hezekiah) was not a perfect man, the same is true of King David, his father. HaShem doesn’t really seem to demand perfection. He seems to value gusto and determination and a sincere heart above actual obedience. He wants us to want to be close to Him, even though our flesh gets in the way. We truly have a merciful Father who overlooks our stumblings as we walk with Him sincerely.

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