Scriptural Meditation- Isaiah 27:9

So the iniquity of Ya‘akov is atoned for by this,
and removing his sin produces this result:
he chops up all the altar stones like chalk —
sacred poles and sun-pillars stand no more.

The most basic form of serving the Almighty is exclusivity. Israel had an urge to follow idols. They were chastened and punished for it. Ironically, they even engaged in idolatry while acknowledging their own Creator. He will redeem them in the end and there will be reconciliation. As a sign of faithfulness, they will destroy the idols and articles used to worship false gods. For generations, idolatry plagued israel and brought them strife and hardship. May we have the clarity to examine our lives for the presence of idols and the strength to cast them away without hesitation.

Published by MJ Muñoz

Husband. Father. Believer. Writing a children's books series inspired by tokusatsu. Weekly Toku Analysis -

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