8 Reasons to Celebrate Hanukkah

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Here are 8 reasons to celebrate Hanukkah:

8. Dreidels – Fun game to play with kids. Might stop them from becoming degenerate gamblers.

7. Gelt – A nice little treat. The chocolate coins are fun and cute and tasty, IF you get them from a good source. I suggest Trader Joes or See’s Candy

6. Latkes – You don’t like latkes? That’s because you haven’t had my wife’s latkes.

5. Parties – Music, drinks, fun, why not? It’s a perfect excuse to have fun AND because it is not a biblically mandated feast there are no real restrictions to consider when planning you party or parties.

4. The Miracle – the symbolism of the oil lasting for eight days and night is beautiful. The reality that a little bit of light dispels much darkness is something that will burn into your children’s minds and with G-d’s help will keep them on the path.

3. The REAL Miracle – The Maccabbees fought for about 3 years to take back and dedicate the Temple to G-d after it had been defiled by the successor to ALEXANDER THE GREAT. They should not have overcome the great army, but G-d was with them. They kept fighting for around 20 years and through them Israel became a power and had was something to be reckoned with. That is a MIRACLE.

2. Honoring Heroes – So many godly Jews willingly gave up their lives to stay true to G-d’s Torah. They suffered and died and inspired those left to fight for Jews to have the freedom to live lives dedicated to G-d. That is amazing, inspiring and worthy of respect and remeberance.

1. Good Discipleship – the Messiah, Lord and Master of all, was at the Temple during Chanukah. If you are a Disciple, you should follow his example and join in the celebration.

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