Genesis 19 – Tevet 9 5782 -DEC 13, 2021 |Daily Devar 19

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A few words on conduct and character from Genesis 19.

Conduct reveals character. Sodom wanted to abuse the strangers, Lot wanted to shelter them. Lot endangered himself to protect strangers in a place where he was a newcomer. Lot could have gone along with the crowd. They outnumbered him and had home-field advantage and yet he stood in defiance of them to do right by people he didn’t even know. How easy is it to do the right thing when it will cost you everything? There is a nobility and heroism in that. Would you have done the same? Would I? I hope and pray we would.

Had the angels been women would there sin have been any less? It seems clear that the men of Sodom felt that they could demand any level of submission from these strangers who were passing by? How could they? What gave them the right? That is almost like saying anyone who passed through their town had to be a slave to the town for a limited period of time.

Daily Devar is a project to read and comment on one chapter of the Bible, 7 times a week.

May our Heavenly Father give you peace and joy.

This is Matthew and I am Walking In Liberty.

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