Genesis 26 – Tevet 16 5782 -DEC 20, 2021 |Daily Devar 26

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A few words on fear from Genesis 26.

The men of the place asked him about his wife, and out of fear he said, “She is my sister.” He thought, “If I tell them she’s my wife, they might kill me in order to take Rivkah. After all, she is a beautiful woman.”

Genesis 26:7

In Gen 26:3-6 HaShem appears to Isaac and talks to him, reiterating His promises. It seems that Isaac stays in Gerar out of obedience and faith, but then he is afraid and uses a ruse to protect himself and Rebekkah from harm. Why the inconsistency? Why is this OK? Why doesn’t HaShem remain faithful to Isaac when he acted out of fear instead of faith? The same happened with Abraham. What does that tell us?

Daily Devar is a project to read and comment on one chapter of the Bible, 7 times a week.

May our Heavenly Father give you peace and joy.

This is Matthew and I am Walking In Liberty.

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