Ki Tisa 5782 Torah, Haftorah and Apostolic Readings

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If you have strayed from cleaving to the LORD, today is the day to turn back. Dive into His Word and see His everlasting love.

Parashat Ki-Tisa (“When You Elevate”) opens as G-d tells Moses to collect a half-shekel donation from all Israelites and to anoint the Mishkan (Tabernacle), its vessels, and the priests. The Israelites worship the golden calf and Moses breaks the tablets. Moses beseeches G-d to forgive, and returns with a second set of tablets.

In the Haftorah, Elijah challenges the Prophets of Baal to see who serves the real G-d.

In the Apostolic Writings, Messiah meets with Moses and Elijah.

The ninth portion of the book of Shemot/Exodus is Ki Tisa, which means “When You Take.” This is the twenty-first Torah Portion.

TORAH: Exodus 30:11-34:45
HAFTORAH: 1 Kings 18:1-39
APOSTOLIC: Mark 9:1-10

Chabad has wonderful resources for studying the weekly Torah Portion

This live link will show the current Torah Portion

You can read or listen to the portions through FFOZ’s Torah Portion site.

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