Shemini 5782 Torah, Haftorah and Apostolic Readings

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The LORD is an all-consuming fire. We must walk before Him in fear and love. Immerse in the Word and walk the path of life.

Shemini (“Eighth”) opens with the consecration of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). Two of Aaron’s sons are consumed by a fire sent from God when they attempt to offer a “strange fire.” God describes the animals, birds, and fish that are permissible and prohibited for consumption, as well as some laws of ritual purity.

Shabbat Parah (“Sabbath [of the] red heifer” שבת פרה) takes place on the Shabbat before Shabbat HaChodesh, in preparation for Passover. Numbers 19:1-22 describes the parah adumah (“red heifer”) in the Jewish temple as part of the manner in which the kohanim and the Jewish people purified themselves so that they would be ready (“pure”) to sacrifice the korban Pesach.

In the Haftorah, King David reclaims the Ark of the Covenant and desires to build the Temple, a house for the Almighty.

In the Apostolic Writings, Messiah is consecrated to begin his ministry by his Cohen cousin.

The third portion of the book of Vayikra/Leviticus is Shemini, which means “Eighth.” This is the twenty-sixth Torah Portion.

TORAH: Leviticus 9:1-11:47

+ Numbers 19:1-22

HAFTORAH: 2 Samuel 6:1-7:17

APOSTOLIC: Matthew 3:11-17

Chabad has wonderful resources for studying the weekly Torah Portion

This live link will show the current Torah Portion

You can read or listen to the portions through FFOZ’s Torah Portion site.

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