When Should You Know the LORD? – 1 Samuel 3 – 6 Cheshvan 5783 – OCT 31, 2022 |Daily Devar 235

In 1 Samuel 3 tells us that Samuel did not know the LORD when he was first called by Him. Isn’t that odd give. That he lived with a Cohen at the site of the Tabernacle?

When is It Too Late to Repent? – 1 Samuel 2 – 2 Cheshvan 5783 – OCT 27, 2022 |Daily Devar 234

In 1 Samuel 2 we can infer that the LORD hardened the hearts of Samuel’s sons so they would not heed his warning and repent. Why is that? Was it too late for them to repent? If so, where is that line? What side of it are you on?