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Vayigash (“He Approached”) opens as Judah pleads with Joseph not to keep Benjamin as a prisoner. Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers, crying and kissing them. The brothers bring Jacob from Canaan to Egypt, and Jacob and his children settle in Goshen. The portion ends as Joseph buys most of Egypt’s land in exchange for food.

In the Haftorah, Ezekiel prophesies of the in gathering of Israel from among all the nations, the reunification with Judah into one people and how David will be shepherd over this one renewed, obedient Israel forever.

In the Apostolic portion, Messiah reveals himself to his disciples after his death and resurrection.

The eleventh portion of the book of Beresheet/Genesis is Vayigash, which means “He Approached.” This is the 11th Torah Portion.

TORAH: Genesis 44:18-47:27

HAFTORAH: Ezekiel 37:15-28

APOSTLES: Luke 24:30-48

Chabad has wonderful resources for studying the weekly Torah Portion

You can read or listen to the portions through FFOZ’s Torah Portion site.

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