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Va’era (“I Appeared”) opens as G-d promises to redeem the enslaved Israelites and bring them to the Promised Land. When Pharaoh repeatedly refuses to let the Israelites go, G-d sends a series of plagues: water turning to blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, death of livestock, boils, and hail.

In the Haftorah, Ezekiel tells of the coming fall of Egypt, which will humble it and reminds Israel who their help comes from.

In the Apostolics, Messiah is accused of being an agent of the adversary.

The second portion of the book of Shemot/Exodus is Va’era, which means “I Appeared.” This is the fourteenth Torah Portion.

TORAH: Exodus 6:2-9:35

HAFTORAH: Ezekiel 28:25-29:21

APOSTOLES: Luke 11:14-22

Chabad has wonderful resources for studying the weekly Torah Portion

You can read or listen to the portions through FFOZ’s Torah Portion site.

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