Reading of Haftorah and Apostolic Writings for Vayechi 5780

Torah Portion 11 Vayechi: Genesis 47:28 – 50:26

Haftorah Portion: Kings I 2:1-12

Apostolic Writings: 1 Peter 1:1-9

Read or listen to the selected portions below.

Haftorah Portion: Kings I 2:1-12

The time came near for David to die; so he commissioned Shlomo his son as follows: “I am going the way of all the earth. Therefore, be strong; show yourself a man. Observe the charge of Adonai your God to go in his ways and keep his regulations, mitzvot , rulings and instructions in accordance with what is written in the Torah of Moshe; so that you will succeed in all you do and wherever you go. If you do, Adonai will fulfill what he promised me when he said, ‘If your children pay attention to how they live, conducting themselves before me honestly with all their heart and being, you will never lack a man on the throne of Isra’el.’ “Moreover, you are aware of what Yo’av the son of Tz’ruyah did to me, that is, what he did to the two commanders of the armies of Isra’el, Avner the son of Ner and ‘Amasa the son of Yeter — he killed them, shedding the blood of war in peacetime, putting the blood of war on the belt around his waist and the shoes on his feet. Therefore, act according to your wisdom; don’t let his gray head go down to the grave in peace. “But show kindness to the sons of Barzillai the Gil‘adi. Include them with those who eat at your table, because they came and stood with me when I was fleeing from Avshalom your brother. “Finally, you have with you Shim‘i the son of Gera the Binyamini, from Bachurim. He laid a terrible curse on me when I was on my way to Machanayim; but he came down to meet me at the Yarden; so I swore to him by Adonai that I would not have him put to death with the sword. Now, however, you should not let him go unpunished. You are a wise man, and you will know what you should do to him — you will bring his gray head down to the grave with blood.” Then David slept with his ancestors and was buried in the City of David. David had ruled Isra’el for forty years — seven years in Hevron and thirty-three years in Yerushalayim. Shlomo sat on the throne of David his father; and his rule had become firmly established,

Apostolic Writings: 1 Peter 1:1-9

From: Kefa, an emissary of Yeshua the Messiah To: God’s chosen people, living as aliens in the Diaspora — in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, the province of Asia, and Bythinia — chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father and set apart by the Spirit for obeying Yeshua the Messiah and for sprinkling with his blood: Grace and shalom be yours in full measure. Praised be God, Father of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, who, in keeping with his great mercy, has caused us, through the resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah from the dead, to be born again to a living hope, to an inheritance that cannot decay, spoil or fade, kept safe for you in heaven. Meanwhile, through trusting, you are being protected by God’s power for a deliverance ready to be revealed at the Last Time. Rejoice in this, even though for a little while you may have to experience grief in various trials. Even gold is tested for genuineness by fire. The purpose of these trials is so that your trust’s genuineness, which is far more valuable than perishable gold, will be judged worthy of praise, glory and honor at the revealing of Yeshua the Messiah. Without having seen him, you love him. Without seeing him now, but trusting in him, you continue to be full of joy that is glorious beyond words. And you are receiving what your trust is aiming at, namely, your deliverance.

Above text excerpted from the Complete Jewish Bible.

Chabad has great resources for learning the Torah portion. You can find them here.

Reading of Haftorah and Apostolic Writings for Vayishlach 5780

Reading of the Haftorah Hosea 11:7-12 – 12:13 and the Apostolic Writings 1 Corinthians 5:1-13 and Revelation 7:1-12 for the week of Vayishlach 5780.

Chabad has great resources for learning the Torah portion. You can find them here.

Less Than Three Weeks Until Hannukah!

Sundown December 22, 2019 marks the start of the Festival of Lights.

Did you know that John 10 places the Messiah at the Temple during Hannukah? At the core of Hannukah are devotion to HaShem even unto death and a resistance to assimilation. Yeshua came first to the lost sheep of Israel to call them to repentance and then sent his Disciples to the gentiles. 1 Maccabees details an occupied Jerusalem, filled with gentiles seeking to pull Jews away from the Torah and towards idolatry. Yeshua lives out the Torah, walking in Spirit and Truth. His mission called gentiles to cast away their idols and devote themselves to the one and only Almighty.

Reading of Haftorah and Apostolic Writings for Chayei Sarah 5780

Reading of the Haftorah I Kings 1:1-31 and the Apostolic Writings 2 Corinthians 6:14-16 and Hebrews 11:11-13 for the week of Chayei Sarah 5780.

Chabad has great resources for learning the Torah portion. You can find them here and here.

Chanukah Is about 7 Weeks Away!

Chanukah begins at sundown on Sunday December 22, 2019!

Here at BSVT, we are working to deepen our connection to our community. We are planning to become more active on, and offline.

Welcome to our new website! The primary goal of this site is to have an easy hub for our congregation members and guests to keep track of upcoming events.

We still need time to finish putting the site together, but thought it would be good to start with something. Why put off til tomorrow what we can do today, right?

For the first order of business, here is an announcement about an upcoming event: we are planning a special Chanukah oneg for the sabbath falling on December 28.

Peace and Blessings