Fast of Peter

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The next special day on the Jewish Calendar is the Tenth of Tevet which falls on Tuesday December 14, 2021.

Have you ever heard that Shimon Kefa repented of his belief in Messiah and returned to the main branch of Judaism? There are mentions of him in the Talmud and elsewhere in rabbinic writings. I don’t believe that, in fact I believe he died faithful to Messiah. I recently learned from the Daily Bread app and podcast that Tevet 9 is the day of his death. As I am working to align myself more with the Jewish Calendar and count my days to elevate them and draw closer to HaShem, I had been looking forward to joining in with many of the minor fasts. In fact, there is one tomorrow that I have known about for around a week. Anyway, I encourage you to participate in some way, even though I am telling you about it so late in the day. The minor fasts are dawn to dusk. You already ate? That’s OK. Next year you can plan for it. Take this as a reminder that there is a minor fast tomorrow as well, so you can plan for that now. The FFOZ article linked below suggests reading (parts of) Acts and Peter’s Epistles. That is a good idea. I looked into it and this is also the Yahrzeit (anniversary of the death) of Ezra the Scribe.

Consider taking the opportunity to fast and commemorate the lives and work of both Ezra and Shimon Kefa. Ezra helped rebuild the Temple and establish life dedicated to HaShem in Israel after the destruction of the First Temple. Peter exhorted believers to build themselves up as living stones to serve HaShem in a spiritual Temple after the destruction of the Second Temple.

Chabad, HebCal and Aish don’t mention this ancient commemoration of Peter’s passing, but FFOZ does. Learn more about it here.

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Go Study Toldot 5783

The sixth portion of the book of Beresheet/Genesis is Toldot, which means “Generations.” This is the 6th Torah Portion.

TORAH: Genesis 25:19 – 28:9
HAFTORAH: Malachi 1:1-2:7
APOSTOLES: Romans 9:6-16

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