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Purim is next special day on the Jewish Calendar. Purim is the Fourteenth of Adar II. It falls on Thursday March 17, 2021, which means it starts the evening of Wednesday March 16, 2021. Why would that be? That doesn’t make sense, you might say, the day starts at 12:00AM midnight. Well, yes it does according to the calendar the world uses. Jewish days start at sunset based on the fact the the Biblical account of Creation says otherwise. “So there was evening, and there was morning, one day.” GEN 1:5

Before the feasting of Purim is the Fast of Esther which is a minor fast, running from daylight to nightfall the day before Purim. Esther fasted for 3 days, we commemorate that fast with a minor fast the can end in a bountiful feast.

Fast of Esther: Dawn to Dusk March 16, 2022

Purim: Dusk March 16 to Dusk March 17, 2022

Purim is a blast. It is one of my favorite non-Biblical holiday. There is so much good stuff in it. Below is an excerpt from Chabad’s Purim Page that briefly describes Purim.

The festival of Purim commemorates the Divinely orchestrated salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.” It is celebrated with Megillah readings, gifts of food, charity, feasting, and merriment. Read more about Purim

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Let’s Study 5783 Bo

The third portion of the book of Shemot/Exodus is Bo, which means “Come.” This is the fifteenth Torah Portion. TORAH: Exodus 10:1-13:16 HAFTORAH: Jeremiah 46:13-28 APOSTOLES: John 19:31-37

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